Vitamin A is Not As Bad For Stretch Marks As What People Think

Vitamin A is Not As Bad For Stretch Marks As What People Think

There are two sides of coins for the usage of vitamin A regarding the removal of stretch marks. Some believers also believe that the use of vitamin A can even worsen the stretch marks. And some of the believers also quote that it is very good in removing stretch marks. But we will talk only about the revitalizing properties of vitamin A i.e. how it helps as a remedy for stretch marks.

Defining vitamin A

Vitamin A also known as retinol is commonly regarded as a vitamin that gives healthy vision. It avoids the eyeball covering and eyelids lining from getting dried that is, it acts as an anti-xerophthlamic.

However the fact that it gives an overall healthier skin is not known by many people. Vitamin A actually stimulates the recreation of rhodopsion. Rhodopsion is actually a pigment present in the retina of our eye. Thus it means that vitamin A has a contribution in the recreation of new cells. Thus by regenerating new cells vitamin A with the help of trilastinsr cream we could remove our marks or just fade them.

In most cases women get stretch mark due to their pregnancy. This is due to the fact to accommodate the baby inside their abdomen expands their skin. Thus tears and wound develop due to this overstretching. After the healing process of the skin is over then these wounds got converted into scars. These are the scars which are generally regarded as stretch marks. Because regeneration of new cell appear at a very slow rate therefore these stretch marks becomes an eternal fixture on our skin and will give an emotional pain for the rest of the life.

Functioning of vitamin A

Vitamins acts as antioxidants and to fight free radicals that would result in skin aging and sagging. The overall health would also be enhanced through vitamins. Vitamin A can avoid the occurrence of marks in the following three different ways:

Vitamin A is Not As Bad For Stretch Marks As What People Think

  • The penetration of ultraviolet rays in outer skin is blocked by ultraviolet rays. Till date, two forms of damages due to ultraviolet radiation are known. The first form is related to skin cancer and is known as UVA. The other form causes sunburn and is known as UVB. The ability of healing is decreased when UVA and UVB is absorbed by our skin. Any further damage to our skin due to UVA and UVB is stopped by vitamin A.
  • Regeneration of skin cells can be brought back by vitamin A. When new skin cells are regenerated in our skin, then the ugly stretch marks are replaced by a healthier skin. In this way the occurrence of these marks would decrease. Even the total elimination of these ugly and unwanted marks is also possible.
  • The growth rate of our skin cells is also regulated by vitamin A. Continuous production of healthier and smoother skin is possible only if the growth rate of vitamin A is regulated.

These were some important aspects of vitamin A as a stretch marks remedy.